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i am sooo tired. i finished my bustier!! YAY! and i have the skirt left to tackle, i decided not to do the jacket because i simply had no time. i had my stuff on the dress form today, and my teacher passed it and gave it a look. WHATEVER!! and she complimented this girl's ensemble, it was really pretty. i have a feeling that my teacher didnt/doesnt like my piece w/ it is made of satin, and the seam allowences are exposed. so waht you normally see on the inside is on the outside and the fray is there, though i'm gonna trim it. NO ONE GETS IT! whoever's seen it thinks that it's backwards. i also have a peplum at the bottom of my bustier, and serendipitously, one of the sides was smaller than the other, and it gave a good effect i think. jose said he also really liked it. we'll see what wednesday brings...my playlist is begining to repeat itself so i'm gonna go to bed. NIGHT!!

p.s. jose had a laugh attack.....i love the way he laughs, it's soo heartfelt.


May. 9th, 2006 01:24 pm (UTC)
Why not turn some of the seams inward and leave some of them out, so that the ones you choose to expose express something about the way the piece falls on the body--accentuating certain lines, etc.? Or like decorate the fray somehow, like with tiny little beads (that sounds dumb when I type it out, but I think it could be really pretty if done right). You could also use like a contrasting color of thread to sew those seams...make them pop somehow, give them purpose.

If there's one thing your school should encourage, it's experimentation. For sure you need to know how to make a perfect, normal, bland garment. But out in the big world of fashion, I really don't think that's enough...unless you want to be a tailor for middle-aged businessmen.

May. 9th, 2006 03:47 pm (UTC)
if i had more time i think i would use a different colour thread on the skirt, i.e. the same green in the bustier. i dont wanna say "may i check you r inseam sir?" i wanna say, "talk dirty to me while i check your inseam."

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