My Heart Beats For You

~impassioned prose of a hopeless romantic~

25 March 1985
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1920's london slang, amores perros, amélie, and then i said..., ascot fitzgerald, bad made-for-tv movies, being born clever, black, bollywood, boots, braille at atms, brini maxwell, calling people leatherface, captions, catholicism, cats, cerulean blue, cheesecake, chinese food, crying rivers, czech instead of check, design, deutsch, devoré, dislocating patellas (knees), disney movies, dogs, dragostea din tei, drama, drama king, dxing, eisley, eminem, emo, england, euro pop, europe, european music, falling up stairs, fashion, fashion design, fashion trance, fauxhawks, fits of rage, flea markets, foreign films, france, french, french class, german, german spelling reform, germany, golden girls, goodwill, green, gwen stefani, hearts on sleeves, hindsight bias, holland, hopeless romanticism, house, house music, imposed celibacy, independent films, intellectual intercourse, interpol, italian, italy, joy division, kilts, l'ananas!, la la la, lifetime movie network, lifetime movies, lmn movies, making salacious comments, molotov cocktail parties, morrissey, movies, musicals, my european mens carry-all, my lustrious hair, new wave, night swimming, noticing other's idiosyncrasies, number stations, o-zone, obscene hand gestures, obtrusive yawns, oh my allah, overusing 'lol', pellejo, pens, perforation h, photography, pins, poetry, popping people's collars, primadonnas, punk, punks, quoting b-movies, red, referring to rhodesia, roses, sarcastic eye rolls, scarves, scheiße!, seinfeld, silent english consonants, sneering at children, spain, spanish, sprechen sie german?, starting contagious yawns, stealing other's intrests, stephane rideau, subtitles, sucking teeth, suicide club, sunsets, t.a.t.u., tati quebra barraco, the cure, the killers, the netherlands, the rules of attraction, the sims, the smiths, theatre, thrift stores, ties, trance, téléfrançais, watching b-movies, writing poetry, y tu mama también, yellow submarines, ü